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      We Are a small batch traveling coffee roaster, devoted to delivering the best quality coffee available. From our blends to single origins, natural process and micro lots. We roast our green beans with smiles, love and passion.

      Our coffee roasting adventure started years ago with the simple love and enjoyment of drinking good coffee. We first roasted coffee in a cast iron pan over an open flame. Then moving into a "Gene Cafe" roasting pan, up to a small home made drum roaster. Until the long awaited day came and we acquired this roaster. It is also "home made", only with skill and proper material. It's a 12 kilo roaster and can deliver 50-80 lbs consistently every hour.

      Our goal is to help everyone we can to enjoy a proper cup of coffee. Whether you take cream and sugar, or simply black, It all starts with the beans. Learning which origins you prefer and how you prefer your roast. Discovering new brew methods or sticking to old favorites, Apothacoffee is dedicated to creating not just your morning cup of coffee, but to deliver another helpful reason to get out of bed. To stop work in the middle of the day, to share with friends, family, and loved ones. We hope you enjoy every moment. 

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